In the early years

"Kindergarten" is a word from the German language. After living in Germany for 10 years I feel authorized to discuss it. "Kinder" is the plural of "Kind", or child. "Garten", although sounding like the English term for "Garden", should be translated as "yard", at least in America. Both in Germany and in America "Kindergarten" is an establishment that looks after toddler aged children during the day and introduces an initial education curriculum often centered on coloring books and learning numbers along with the Phoenician alphabet.

In kindergarten we find little children and the maturity that they bring. Little kids are selfish. All humans are born this way. It is the sinful nature expressing itself. Part and parcel of the human nature is covetousness as twisted by selfishness. Covetousness is simply noting that another has something that he himself longs to have in an unhealthy manner, leading to violence.

Little Johnny has a toy where Sam does not. Sam decides he wants the toy. So he toddles over and takes it. A pulling match begins where the strongest wins. He justifies the violence against little Johnny by saying to himself, "It is just not fair that Johnny has something I don't have". The childish concept of "social justice" is formed in his little head. He is called to the noble act of "socially righting" the "social wrong". The core of Marxism (Socialism, Communism, fascism, etc.) is born, formulated and fully developed in every toddler.

Little Sam can justify in his head all he wants, but violence and stealing is just that. If Sam cannot get the toy himself, he may recruit others to help. He may tell them the same story he told himself. "Little Johnny should share the wealth, that's what mom always said. Let us go take it, and we'll spread the wealth among ourselves. We must use force to right the wrong." The other tots, being just as covetous as Sam go along with the "justification". In true democratic voting fashion, Sam and his henchmen go to work serving out "social justice". Thus democracy is likewise fully understood by the mind driven by primal instincts. Power in numbers!

Parents, and the kindergarten teacher, all see this scenario play out. It is their job to educate the children to refrain from doing four things: (1) covet other's belongings. (2) e violent against a neighbor. (3) steal from others. (4) excuse stealing with bogus "social justice" arguments. What would the world look like if everyone did the same? It probably look a lot like it does today.

No law maker would dare return to home base without the bacon.

The empirical evidence shows that we have done a very poor job in educating our young ones. The proof is clear for all to see. The absolute majority of society does not so much as think for a second as to running all the stop signs guarding against "social justice". The entire law making and voting process is guided by (1) coveting, (2) being violent (3) stealing and (4) justifying theft with cheap excuses.

It is high time that society mature to a point where "Kindergarten" behavior is not tolerated in society in general, and at the law maker's office in particular.

In the later years

Meet grown up Johnny, he has a gorgeous woman as a wife. She actively seeks to meet his "manly needs". Next door lives his old kindergarten colleague Sam, who has no wife. But he does own a lot of Johnny's old toys on account of his physical prowess and ability to rally the troops through smooth speaking skills. Yet he also experiences unfulfilled "manly needs and desires".

Sam was neither taught by his parents, nor the education system, that coveting, violence and stealing are wrong. On the contrary, the education system, coordinated by the government, teaches him to support violence and stealing in government civics class. In short, he never progressed past "kindergarten" maturity.

Still eyeing his neighbor's "possession", he has decided that his old kindergarten buddy is getting too much sex, and he himself is not getting enough. Johnny has too much sex wealth. His wife is a real go-getter, and has a kicking figure. He starts to think, just like we shared the wealth in kindergarten, we should spread the wealth as we grow older. She has enough energy to go around. She should come by and show me a little loving a few times a month to keep me going. Johnny won't be hurt at all, as he already has so much!

The opportunist politician notices Sam's pain and sees his chance to get into office by playing the "social justice" lie that has worked so well throughout history. The politician - who is in fact a hypothetical figure but does remind me of a famous person likely having been born in Africa but somehow lied his way to becoming the leader of a foreign nation develops a campaign strategy. He is going to spread the message of "social justice". He will make sure that Sam gets his "fair share". He calls it the "Socialized Sex" policy. "Tax the rich and provide hand-outs to the poor" is his motto. In this manner he assured more than half the vote, which is the goal in a democracy. Truth and justice take a back seat to purchased popularity.

Bono Harold Oscar (notice the first letters of the name) demands that big Johnny share his vast wealth, namely the lov'n only provided by a well built wife. A law should be created to transfer some of this wealth from the "lucky" to the "less fortunate". He speaks of a "moral imperative" and "moral duties". The law should make provision that the Sams of the nation should have the right to take the brides belonging to other men into their own chambers and have their way with them.

The nation has a "moral obligation" to the less fortunate, and Bono is here to set us straight! Bono will no longer stand for those evil constitutionalists who are "protecting" the wealthy, hoarding all that good sex for themselves. Bono claims the wealthy are just greedy, that is why they will not share! In Bono's eyes, nothing is holy.

Interstate "exchanges" for high-risk Sams will be set up to ensure that no-one is left without enough sex. If the married men of this great nation don't want to prostitute their wives to others, they must pay a fee once a year to the national tax collector.

And so, Bono is swept into office by the throngs of voters lusting for the sex, money, heath insurance and anything else they want to steal from their neighbors.

"Socialism" is disgusting, childish and immature. It comes with many names. "Welfare", "Social Justice", "Social Fairness", "Global Village", often "Capitalism" (which it is not) and periodically even "Christian" (which it is not). Voters using their power to "socialize" wealth are stealing, and it must stop. Otherwise the civilization (such as it is) will disintegrate.

Author: Scott Wallace Brians
Date: 04 August 2010
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